Feasibility Studies

We provide feasibility study services to our clients to assess the feasibility of a proposed project. Such services entail the detailed analysis of the different aspects of the project.

A feasibility study could be one of the following types:

  1. Technical feasibility
  2. Financial feasibility
  3. Market feasibility
  4. Organizational feasibility
  5. An overall feasibility study that encompasses all the previous types

Why choose Al-Sharid to provide you with a feasibility study service?

We pride ourselves on the expertise our consultants have in many different industries. 

As a result of our long exposure to and relationships with numerous organizations in UAE, our firm is aware of the ups and downs in your industry, we have been studying the different markets inside and outside the UAE, and our consultants are always identifying existing opportunities and risks here and there, now and then.

Our feasibility study services are not only aimed at providing you with a report, we will also work by your side and provide you with helpful insights regarding your current proposed project and how you can best optimize it.

Our approach to providing feasibility study services

Through effective communications with your team, we can understand the proposed project your company is considering and plan our work accordingly. We start with a preliminary analysis of all the basic information available. At this point we can make an initial suggestion about whether or not to carry on the study. Sometimes some indicators might directly tell us that the project is unfeasible.

If we decide to proceed, more comprehensive analysis will be conducted such as:

  1. Listing technological requirements
  2. Studying the relevant markets 
  3. Studying the relevant strategies
  4. Assessing the necessary human capital
  5. Studying the proposed project schedule 
  6. Forecasting all incomes, costs, and cashflows 
  7. Summarizing all data 
  8. Using the appropriate investment appraisal techniques
  9. Conducting valuations as appropriate.

Our team of experts has the right experience and knowledge to help your company achieve its objectives

As due diligence services most likely do not create any self-review threat as defined in IESBA’s code, we can definitely help you!

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