Other Compliance Services

Compliance services can help you with getting an independent, objective assurance on the compliance with other regulations in UAE that your company has to comply with and other policies within your company. Identifying the areas of noncompliance, assessing their implications, and suggesting corrective actions.

Why choose Al-Sharid as your compliance officer?

Having got a team of experienced, qualified compliance officers in different industries and an extensive history of working in UAE, means we can match you with the most suitable team of compliance officers that have experience in your industry. You’ll love talking to our compliance officers that have been contributing to the success of our clients within your industry.

We have enough bookkeeping team members to handle any volume of transactions. 
Whether you decide to outsource your bookkeeping function or not. We also have a sophisticated team of accounting specialists that can help you in the preparation of financial and operational reports, adjusting entries, cost accounting support, building your fixed asset schedule and other necessary subsidiary records or even maintaining them.

Our approach to providing compliance services

Our compliance officers will use the relevant risk assessments in your company, try to build on them if possible, make their own risk assessments if applicable, and then proceed to identify areas of noncompliance with the relevant regulations under our scope.

Such an approach ensures that you get a really helpful report that will be vital for improving compliance in your company.

Our team of experts has the right experience and knowledge to help your company achieve its objectives

Due to their special nature, AML/CTF compliance services are differentiated from other compliance services and are not directly addressed by such compliance services.

While an internal audit service will evaluate how effective your compliance department is functioning, a compliance service will directly assist your compliance department in achieving its objectives.

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