Risk Assessment Services

Risk assessment is the first stage in risk management. Such assessment of risks is very vital for successful risk management.

Effective risk management is not only about effectively controlling risks identified, it’s also about ensuring that those risks identified cover all the actual risks that have significant adverse effects on your company. Identification of risks can be harder and more time-consuming than controlling them. 

Save tons of your teams’ time and use the help of our risk management professionals who have been helping companies within your industry identify and manage significant risks they’ve never known that they existed.

Why choose Al-Sharid to conduct risk assessments for your company?

Having got a team of experienced, qualified risk management professionals in different industries and an extensive history of working in UAE, means we can match you with the most suitable team of risk management professionals that have experience in your industry.

We have enough bookkeeping team members to handle any volume of transactions. 
Whether you decide to outsource your bookkeeping function or not. We also have a sophisticated team of accounting specialists that can help you in the preparation of financial and operational reports, adjusting entries, cost accounting support, building your fixed asset schedule and other necessary subsidiary records or even maintaining them.

Why choose Al-Sharid to conduct risk assessments for your company?

Our risk assessment approach starts with the identification of risks affecting your business and the assessment of the magnitude of their effects, and the prioritization of risks to be mitigated, and to which extent they could be cost-efficiently mitigated.

We conduct our risk assessments according to the best practices in the profession. We would provide you with a report of such assessments and proposed actions.

Our team of experts has the right experience and knowledge to help your company achieve its objectives

With enough cooperation with your staff, we can make accurate risk assessments affecting your business. Their adequacy is dependent on our scope. However, risk assessment is just a stage in the risk management process and is only effective if it is proceeded by a well conducted risk response stage. We can also provide you assistance in the other stages of risk management.

The risk assessment in internal audit is not addressed at all risks affecting the company, instead, it is mostly addressed at those risks that are suspected that they have not been appropriately managed by the risk management function and other employees in charge. On the other hand, the risk assessment service here is an executive service that entails a more in-depth assessment of risks affecting the company and the results of such a service will be audited by your internal audit functions later on.

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