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The “UAE evidence law” sets clear that the Court may appoint a registered expert in judicial disputes. You can also have yourself backed up with an expert to assist your lawyer understand your case better, which in return helps them better defend your rights.

The duty of an expert witness, the expertise of which is very related to the judicial dispute, is to help the court or even your lawyer to arrive at the appropriate evidence by giving his expertise-based opinion which is objective and unbiased, in relation to matters within their expertise, without which, unexpert parties in the case probably can’t arrive at.

It’s always good practice to be backed up with an expert that can help your lawyer reach very fruity results of any judicial dispute.

Why consider Al-Sharid to help you choose your information technology expert?

We’ve got a large network of information technology experts, let us handle the effort of discussing your situation with the potential suitable information technology experts for you. For the successful resolution of your judicial dispute, the specific characteristics of your situation require experts with specific skills, we can match you with the most suitable experts as we have experience dealing with different information technology experts. This means we have learned a lot about our experts and we know which expert has the most suitable skills and experience for your case which in return will help you successfully cope with your judicial dispute.

Our unique approach to providing expert assistance in judicial disputes

Our unique approach to providing expert assistance in judicial disputes

When you give us a call or come to meet us at one of our offices, we first discuss your situation so we can tell you about our service offers. We can then help you choose the most suitable law firm for your situation, unless you have already hired one, then we help you find the most suitable expert that can ensure your judicial dispute can be resolved with the most satisfactory outcomes possible. Having got extensive experience helping our clients cope with their court cases and a large network of law firms and experts that we work with which are among the top-notch professionals in UAE, we can assure you that we can help you hire the best judicial team that fits your specific situation.

Our team of experts has the right experience and knowledge to help your company achieve its objectives

The law of proof in civil and commercial transactions in UAE (federal law No. 10 of 1992) sets clear in article 69 that “The Court may, when necessary, rule to appoint one or more experts from amongst the employees of the State or those listed in the register of experts, in order to seek their opinion to give insight on the issues on which judgment is to be made in the case.” We can help you reach out to the most qualified registered experts in UAE that have extensive court experience that will help you directly or indirectly defend your rights. Give us a call today so we can discuss your situation.

Absolutely! Our extensive experience helping our clients overcome their judicial disputes has made us understand which law firm we work with fits a judicial dispute of a specific kind most efficiently.

The law firms we work with that we can recommend are reputable law firms that have been successfully helping clients over the years. Such lawyers are very knowledgeable about the provisions and regulations of the UAE law. However, some technical aspects of the judicial disputes can be better understood by an expert. Hiring an expert will help you ensure the law firm team is backed up with enough expert advisory to tackle every bit of your situation with the most efficiency possible.

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